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Honor T

Hi Nate, I have just joined Sprint to Profit myself with my first coaching session tonight (UK), but I can tell you that you are in the right place…after dipping in and out and looking at other courses (they just didn’t feel right somehow) and not finding what I was looking for, I decided just to launch a product on my own and learn that way but then I  found Issac and Kirsty and listened to their webinar it just all made sense and I realised these guys were good and they just filled in the missing gaps for me that I knew was missing from other courses.  I thought it would just be another webinar of the same stuff I have heard time and time again and leading me up a sales path to something I really didn’t want, but how wrong was I!  It all made perfect sense and I have been following the process since and although find the creative side really difficult and scary I am doing it, following the process.  I wish you all the best. Honor

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