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Isaac Kuhlman
Isaac Kuhlman

A couple of notes here:

1 – In the Ideal Client, you say they are NOT fashionable, but all the branding stuff talks about “keeping them fashionable.” Maybe you mean they are LOOKING to be fashionable, but it’s not their top priority?

2 – You haven’t really defined what type of interest the women are looking at for a brand to have products to help them. What I mean is you still talk about cooking, living, hosting, organization, habitat and safety as interests, but haven’t defined how that plays a role in the brand. Could this be a “home lifestyle” brand?

3 – In the Reasons to Believe you talk about providing solutions with products, but you haven’t really suggested they have real problems nor what solutions might look like. Have a think about that, and ask yourself, “What are these women currently struggling with, and how is my brand going to help solve these problems?”