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Amanda Tucker
Amanda Tucker

Hey Jennifer/Heather

Thank you for your question.   Let’s see if we can help investigate this with you.

  1. First things first – have you checked the current sales trends in your category recently (i.e:  review your competitor’s sales)?  Have there been any changes to competitor sales – it is always good to look at your sales in relation to the market?
  2. When you originally activated your giveaways, what ranking position did you reach?   If you didn’t reach your desired position or didn’t stick at the desired long enough, you may need to do another mini boost for 7 days or so.
  3. Your price sounds very competitive but maybe it could be too low?  You can test this by increasing it slightly so that customers have confidence that your price reflects the quality of the brand – it’s definitely something to test.
  4. How many reviews do you have?   Does your product stand out as extremely low reviews vs the competition?  This could affect sales activity on a side by side product comparison – if yes, take a look at the review strategy we recommend in Module 10.
  5. Have you also set your PPC campaign up and aligning them with the launch investment guidelines? This will help you push through sales by keeping you visible (just check where your PPC ads are showing for your main KW and if you are visible for most of the day)
  6. You’ll remain in phase 1 (using the techniques above) until you have reached the goal.  The launch phases are aligned to results, so hold tight for a bit longer and test the suggestions above.

If you also wanted to discuss live today, I’m running Office hours, so please feel free to hop on 🙂

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