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Amanda Tucker

Hi Billy,

Great job on getting to the Sales Planner – that is where you see the magic happens and where you see WHEN and how you will reach your Smart Goal!!

Before I jump into your questions, I wanted to mention that it is important to not ‘don’t push the numbers’ just to meet a time deadline.

Let’s dive into your comments:

1) You have made a good observation to understand that each product you launch needs to have enough volume and revenue to justify its launch.   When you consider that each launch may take the same amount of energy and time, it is important to pick products that will contribute toward your bigger goal.  In saying that, if you are just starting out and building your confidence with products and launches you can start smaller and build up to larger revenue or profit yielding products.

2) The launch is very important and should definitely not be rushed.   It is possible to launch every 2 months but in our experience, you will have strong control and higher success rate if you focus on one launch a quarter. If you are experienced at launching or have a team to help you complete the launch on one product and get the other product ‘ready for launch’, then this helps you reduce timelines.   Don’t forget before you launch, you need to ensure your packaging, listing bullets, description, keyword research, main image, secondary images, and email series are optimized before the product lands, so if you are juggling this and the launch of another previous product, it opens up an opportunity for something to get missed or not focused on 100% .

For your 3rd comments regarding ‘ What would be a good practice to minimize the risk (especially on inventory)’ – could you explain a little more. I wasn’t quite sure what you meant?