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Michelle B

Hey Amanda and Isaac, after 9 days on the phone with SC, uploading a partial flat file to update changes, and taking the pesticides course/submitting my score-I finally got a wonderful USA SC agent who explained 6/6/20 the EPA (Environmental Protection…..) has ordered Amazon and Ebay to require a registered # on products they now deem as a”pesticide” In my particular case, I have a UV light, which was specifically mentioned on the email they sent when they took down my listing, so the changes i did wont help until i have the #. My factory doesnt have the # unfortunately. I started the process yesterday by registering my co. with the EPA (step 1) No response yet and after that will come registering the actual product. This could really be a long process and I have $35K in product sitting fresh off the boat. Guess i am going to have to park it at a 3PL till i get the #. I suspect you will get others in the group having this problem so its good they know others are trying to find solutions. Just wish someone could share the process. I cant find any youtube, articles lining out the process, requirements and timelines.