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Amanda Tucker

Hey Verna,

Isaac actually answered your first question for you, which is great, he confirmed – “I also looked to see if those products were getting any of their sales from the keywords like “STEM toys” or “Educational Toys” which have a much higher search volume, and they were NOT on page 1 of those terms which leads me to believe they are actually getting most of their sales from these two keywords above.”

So with this in mind, you’re looking good 😉

He did also confirm that volumes were on the higher (vs lower) side of competitiveness but it is feasible to get to page one and stick if you follow a robust launch plan (as we share in the training).

Profit and ROI look good too. (as long as you are priced competitively and not overpriced vs the top sellers

Timing of launches

  • Typically one launch a quarter is a good timeline to work, to ensure that you launch each product properly and have both cash flow and attention on each launch,. So that is what is ideal and recommended.
  • Your launch schedules are on the tighter side with the last launch in early May and this one in mid-July, but that would be your call to make if you feel you have both cash flow and the time to commit to managing both in great detail. — see consideration below…
  • 1- How is your early May launch going?  Are you on schedule with target ranking, reviews, and sales?
  • 2- One thing to remember is that you don’t want this next product to distract you during the May launch plan because you will need to invest time in developing new packaging for the July launch, plus the written listing, which requires research, selecting and designing the full suite of images, conducting your keyword research, preparing your email series, etc.
  • 3-So perhaps, plan out what you need to do for both products over the next few weeks/months before you decide if you can dedicate your time to two critical product stages (product/listing creation and launch).
  • 4 – One more thing I noticed — looking at your timings it looks like you are planning to air freight the bears?  Is that right? It typically takes 30-40 days for sea shipping, but you mentioned 20 days?