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Regan Blee
Regan Blee

Noelia, I think you are mixing a few issues together here and also possibly not correctly linking the cause and effect of what is actually happening.  So, let’s discuss a few aspects of this …

1. There are many reasons why Amazon may delete reviews – their actual logic in deleting reviews is one of their trade secrets and we’ll never fully understand why they act as they do.  That is the nature of this game.  I can say that sellers don’t leave reviews, customers leave reviews.  So most of the review purging relates to the reviewers themselves and not to your seller account.
Amazon are continually auditing customer reviews and will delete some as they go.  Most sellers have lost reviews.  I lost a couple reviews myself in the past couple of days.  I don’t see that as anything unusual or worrying.  Nor do I see that you losing 2 reviews is unusual or worrying.  Unless, you have more tangible proof that something is wrong then I recommend that you accept that the reviews were deleted and continue on.  At this stage, I can see no need to change course with your launch.

You’re right that during a launch, reviews may come in faster than Amazon expects when compared to your sales velocity.  Amazon does check this.  If review rate is too high, then Amazon may temporarily restrict customers from leaving new reviews.  This temporary block may typically last a few days or more.  This is slightly annoying and inconvenient but is no big cause for concern.  It is quite common for sellers to have a temporary review ban on one of their products from time to time.  I say this just as an explanation of a possible scenario.  You haven’t suggested yet that a temporary review restriction has occurred so it’s not a concern either.

2. The ads issue is totally unrelated to the reviews or your launch.  There could be many reasons why your ad for your main keyword is not being shown.  Once again, it is almost certain that it has nothing to do with possible red flags on your seller account.  The simplest and most obvious reason may be that you just are not bidding high enough (PPC ads are an auction and main keywords are very competitive).  Or perhaps, your listing is not properly indexed for that keyword.  I recommend that you investigate the reasons more before assuming there is a red flag.

3.  “A few weeks ago, Amazon made my ads ineligible because I was missing vital information on my listing”.  Once again, this is a different issue.  I don’t know the specifics of the missing info but if you fixed it a few weeks ago then this issue is now history.

In summary, I haven’t seen evidence to say that you’ve “made a mistake during re-launch”.   So, I recommend that you do some more investigation into your PPC and discuss the progress of your launch with your launch service.   If they are having problems they will tell you.  If all is fine at their end then I recommend that you just continue with your original plan.

I hope that helps.  Please keep asking questions if you are still concerned or unsure.