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Amanda Tucker

Hey Yirsael,

You actually have a lot of information at your fingertips to research why people buy this product.  -it’s called ‘product reviews’ on 😉

Now, if there is a disconnect with your NEW brand and this product, do not retrofit the product into something it’s not.   But instead, focus on understanding a niche group of users of this product.   You don’t want to pretend to sell to ‘everyone’ because a general brand doesn’t connect with consumers.  So do a deep dive into the main reasons customers LOVE this product and what their frustration is without this product – what does it fix or solve.   That will help you prepare BENEFIT driven bullet points that emotionally connects with the customer.

Once you have your product research and customer intel from your competitors, and once you’ve identified WHO this product is for and can confidently communicate to ‘that one ideal client’, you can continue the listing optimization by following Module 08: Listing Optimization for Conversion.


I hope that helps get you unstuck?