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Amanda Tucker

Hi Honor,

Great decision on the US market first.   That is a good market to focus on.

And you’ve done well to set up your LTD business and bank account and foreign exchanges – GREAT JOB!

VAT – if you are not selling products in the UK yes, you don’t need to even worry about VAT.  This is ‘valued added tax’ for product SOLD in the UK.  So if you are focused on USA you have no VAT.

Brand Name – yes, you will create this and trademark your brand once you start selling.   Modules 1 and 2 are focused on helping you with deciding on your brand and brand name.  When you trademark your Brand it will be linked to the Company you just set up as your company will be the ‘owner’ of the Brand Name.

Amazon Seller Central professional account  – you will probably need to set this up a little early than 2 weeks before shipping so that you can estimate the cost of advertising for some of your products – we cover this in Module 4 for Product Analysis.  Once you have a bank account a company set up, you can technically set it right away, but you can wait until you have created your Brand to save monthly subscription costs.

EIN – this is just an import number that you will need to register your company as the ‘importer of products’ into the USA. And no, it has nothing to do with taxes, it related to shipping and importing.