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Amanda Tucker

Hi Billy,

The question is not so much about ‘Amazon customers’ caring about inserts, it about ‘all customers’.   So consider yourself in this scenario.  What insert that requires action, would you find compelling?   If you take another look at the training we talk about identifying the value to the customer.  You’ll ask yourself,  ‘what’s in it for them’ and ‘is it of value’ or ‘worth their time’ from an admin perspective?

The type of ‘insert offer’ absolutely depends on the product. If it’s a product where the perceived value of the warranty is high, then it will probably get a good response.   So put yourself in the customers’ shoes.  What would offer would compel you to do extra work?   If there isn’t one, then don’t spend too much time and effort in creating something no-one wants.

The most valuable inserts though that helps your products are instructions or usage because this ensures a positive user experience on receipt of the product.  Additionally,  this may even be able to mitigate a negative view if the customer misused the product.