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Yisrael S

Hey Isaac,

1. Actually that’s a good question. Until this point, i thought that i should rebrand in order to optimize my listing because Rebbeca keeps on reminding to go back to the BPS so i thought that there was no way around it so we wrote a new BPS for this brand/product.
Plus we don’t like the brand name and felt that there is no say to the brand.
But now that you are asking, maybe i should ask u if that is the right approach?

2. We did that and that defiantly helped allot. Should we just stick to that and forget the new BPS?

Here is the new BPS if any use:

BPS  Ideal Client: Couples and families who are passionate about investing in family time and want to enjoy comfortable long-term memorable moments. They believe that the centre of life is family time and that the best opportunity to have shared family experiences is around the table at supper time.

Market Definition: Brand x is a family kitchen accessories Brand for families who believe that quality family time is the heart of their lives and higher than any other value, and therefore quality products should be purchased to enable that quality time Brand Promise Provides good quality, well-priced kitchen products and accessories for your home to help you feel like a pro and be confident to be the best cook for your beloved family.

Reason to Believe: We began our journey at Brand x when we discovered that many couples and families like us were looking for quality family time around the kitchen table. We have large families with a lot of children (16) and we like to spend quality time together and for this purpose, we constantly shape our lives to make this goal more attainable. It’s no secret that the best quality time of our day is around the table. At Brand x we made it our goal to allow this gathering to be as pleasant and as memorable as possible. Every family deserves safe and effective kitchen accessories that will enable them to get around the kitchen easily and conveniently.