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Billy C
Billy C

Hi Isaac,

My first impression when I open the package of this Competitor 1, I know why it is ranking number 1. They have the best quality among the top three competitors.  So, in terms of the product, I do not see much that I can improve. May be a thicker pad to make the dog more comfortable. Anybody’s suggestion is appreciated.

On the other hand,

* Packaging : If the price is the same, I would change the non-woven bag to a Color Box.

* Insert : Instead of an instruction page and a catalog, I will put a “Thank You card” and a QR code for Free Gift.

* Now. The Biggest problem would be the main picture of the listings. Now that I have all three products from the top three competitors, I noticed that Competitor 1 (ie., the one that we are discussing now) and Competitor 3 have very different quality. Competitor 1 has much much better quality than Competitor 3.  BUT, their main pictures are almost the same. So, Competitor 3 may win sales because of its similar picture and LOWER price.  So, a consumer may think that they are the same product, because of the picture.

So, my question is : what do I need to do with my main picture in order to win ? I don’t want to give a preception to the customers that my product is the same as Competitor 3. Unless they buy both products, the consumers will not be able to tell from the pictures.