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Amanda Tucker
Amanda Tucker



30 Day Goals:

  • Develop my WHY
  • Develop my SMART Goal
  • Craft my Vivid Vision
  • Determine my Brand category and interests
  • Write my Brand Positioning statement
  • Create my Brand name
  • Create my creative brief
  • Submit a creative brief to a graphic designer to get logos created
  • Find 30+ product opportunities
  • Fill out Product Cash Analyzer Bible to determine top 3 products
  • Determine my top product choice
  • Order my top 3 competitors’ products
  • Research competitor reviews for products pros/cons/risks/opportunities
  • Check product type is not patented

60 Day Goals:

  • Get logo finalized
  • Get a sourcing agent (if desired)
  • Source quotes from 5-10 factories for my top product
  • Double-check product not patented
  • Order factory samples for my top product (from top 3 suppliers)
  • Decide on best standard packaging format to keep product small, light and within FBA fee tiers
  • Setup Amazon Seller Central account
  • Get packaging designed with branding and logo

90 Day Goals:

  • Attain quotes from 3 Freight Forwarders
  • Get UPC barcodes from GS1
  • Create a basic listing on Seller Central
  • Create my FNSKU barcode to send to my manufacturer
  • ** Choose my supplier and Freight Forwarder and get my first product into production **
  • Create my master keyword list
  • Create full detailed listing – bullets, description, images
  • Setup my basic brand website (low investment)
  • Prepare 8-week launch plan
  • Create Amazon Sponsored ads campaigns
  • Plan my next 12-18 months in sales
  • Create my new 90 Day plan